“If you ever get pregnant, there is a 90% chance you will die giving birth” 

...were the words of my doctor ten years ago. He had just finished explaining that the reason my skin and veins were unusual was because I had a very serious and unique genetic disease. I had always hoped that it was just something unique about me and I called it my “inherited charm”. I had a very difficult time reconciling myself to the fact that I had this condition, but over time I began to be able to cope with the thought of it. 

I have had faith in God since I was young girl, but after hearing the words of the doctor it seemed quite foolish of me to ever hope to have a child, until one day, seven years after my diagnoses, I felt like I heard God in my heart telling me, “Marta, pray about your baby.” It was an interesting experience for me, because even though I did not believe that something could change I began to pray about “my baby.” I didn’t know it, but as I was praying a miracle was beginning. 

God showed me that as I wait for His answer I can not be passive. Instead I need to cooperate with Him as I pray about His will for my life. I began to cooperate by doing everything that was in my power to find out more information about my disease. As I searched things out God opened the right door for me and I was able to meet with a doctor who was a specialist in my rare disease. This doctor and others never told me: “Yes, being pregnant is absolutely safe for you.” but as time went on I could see that there was a little bit of hope for me to one day have a baby. God was showing me that what may seem impossible in human eyes is possible in His eyes. Every day God was changing my life and my heart in a gentle way. I cried many times, but my faith in God was growing up and after two years I was ready to say: “God I am not afraid of death, if it is your will, give me a child and let me live.” 

We found out that I was pregnant in June of 2009. We were overjoyed but difficulties were still in my way. The hospital that I hoped to deliver my baby in told me that my case was very serious and that they would not be able to take me into their facilities. In another hospital some doctors told me that they had a woman 15 years ago with the same disease and she died while giving birth. During this fragile time of my life someone also carelessly said that my getting pregnant was like “a declaration of war on God”, they thought that I was being much too presumptuous by getting pregnant. All these opinions were very stressful but God never left me alone, instead He prepared for me the best medical care in Ireland and in January 2010 we received our beautiful baby boy Samuel Korneliusz. 

My little baby is healthy and is the joy of my life. When I look back I can see that it is very important to give God all control of our lives. He understands us. He knows our dreams. He prepares great things for those who are looking for His will and allow Him to work.