"I know that life without God is like chasing my shadow. "

I was born in Poland in 1978 into a very religious family. My mother was a very religious person practising in the Roman Catholic faith, my father also but his love of alcohol never allowed him to practise his beliefs. They were also very busy people working as much as possible. The combination of religion and alcohol created an angry atmosphere in our family life causing conflicts and extreme behaviour.

My two older brothers also chose their own way of life unfortunately apart from God. No one from my family treated Christianity seriously.

The occult experiences of my two brothers also affected my life as I realised later. In my teenage period of life I got involved in the darker side of the music industry which was heavy metal and then step by step into heavier music and occult messages. It had a very bad influence on my physical and emotional life. I found I could put all problems, good and bad moments and all types of emotions into my music. It was only temporary relief for my wounded soul. In my life strange things started to happen, scary supernatural experiences. I was frightened of all those things but something was pushing me deeper and deeper into that.

In the meantime in my parent’s life Jesus Christ took the place of the anger, dissension, bad language and alcohol.

I still lived in my own world fighting with all my strength against God’s voice somewhere in the depths of my heart to not let Him change my life. However something encouraged me to reach for the Bible.

A voice in my head was saying to me that there is no sense in reading the Bible and believing in all the things written in that book because there is no any hope for a case like me. This voice, which I now recognised whose it was, kept saying to me that I was on my highway to hell, where there is no stopping nor turning back.

One evening God showed me His power and focused my eyes on one verse from the Bible that says: “If you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you will be saved” Romans chapter 10 verse 9.

It was a huge step into light away from my dark world. That evening I decided to follow Jesus. In my room, on my knees I asked God to take my broken life and lead me forever. He took my fear, my sadness and depression away. He has made me spiritually a new person.

What has changed and where am I now? Now I know the purpose for my life. Since that day He leads me and corrects me everyday through His word the Bible, because I am not perfect but I desire the perfection of my faith. Now for over 16 years of walking with God I can see effects of His work and I know that life without God is like chasing my shadow.

Recently with all pleasure I serve my Lord Jesus in Ireland and taking responsibility for the work He has laid upon me. My love for Harley Davidson motorcycles that has lasted for over 16 years does not exclude living in the fullness of Christ.