"I've had 3,650 days of peace!"

It was a rainy day outside of Woolworth’s on Thomas Street in Dublin. I felt safe in the pram. However I remember feeling that I no longer felt like “number one.” My baby brother had come along; he was sitting beside me in the pram. 

The next time I felt like I was “number one” was a few years after I gave my life to the Lord. A pastor, his wife, and my wife prayed for me to receive the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit changed my life. When I prayed I felt like God was giving me His full attention. There are seven billion people on the earth and yet God is waiting for me! I’d spent twenty-five years looking for something to get me through the day without feeling worse than the day before. I just wanted peace. One day of peace before I die and I’ll be happy, I thought. Now I know, without the Holy Spirit, without knowing Jesus died on the cross, and without his true love for me, I would still be searching for that one day of peace. However, I do know the Holy Spirit and since then I've had 3,650 days of peace! Those who knew me then and know me now are able to see that a miracle has happened. Let that be my witness to God. I pray God’s peace over everyone who reads this.